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fair enough

Slash quilt pants

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Pants made of thick denim fabric with recycled wool slash quilting.

The denim is 15oz NEP style and is comfortable to wear.
Slash quilts are made by layering twill fabrics with a shaggy finish.
The pattern is based on the Goliath giant beetle motif.
The front has details inspired by the back and the back by the abdomen.
Belt loops, zipper fly, vertical pockets

The logo tag is lenticularly printed, and its expression changes every time you move.
When worn, it has a high waist and a flared silhouette that widens from the separate parts.

Material denim: C100% slash quilt: W60% P30% Ac4% R3% N3% Made in JAPAN
model:184cm wearing size XXL

All fair enough products are made to order. In addition to the current size, we also adjust sizes to suit our customers. Please feel free to contact us.