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fair enough

Accumulated shirt

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Based on the idea of ​​``what would happen if the misunderstandings between people were to accumulate on me?'', the width of the body became larger and larger, and the design was created so that just as elements were swapping, so too were the buttons and people who passed each other. ing. Side slits at the hem. The silhouette and borders of this clothing give you an ambiguous feel that makes it hard to tell what kind of three-dimensional shape it will be when you wear it. In this respect, the misunderstandings (movement of data) between people reflected the mosaic nature of ambiguous information that is constantly occurring even outside of one's awareness.

The fabric is made from precious raw cotton grown in water from melting snow. We take the time and effort to prevent damage to the fibers, and the gentle texture and beautiful surface feel of cotton allows you to enjoy the softness of the cotton itself.
The buttonholes are hand sewn.

Material SURFACE:C100%
Made in JAPAN


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