We are fair enough.

"Fair enough" is a word used in English when you have a different opinion with another person, and it means that you agree with the other person's opinion after listening to their opinion. As the name suggests, our concept is ``full fairness'' and ``dialogue.''

This world is a mixture of various elements. Some appear multiple times at the same time, while others decline and disappear. They may also interfere with each other. In this way, when something exists, evaluations are naturally born, and the flow of positive, negative, neutral, optimistic, pessimistic, etc. spreads infinitely. What emerges from this process is the imposition of one-sided evaluations. This has upset the balance.

Our proposal can be evaluated in terms of the superiority or inferiority of the elements that emerge. You could argue that it shouldn't be evaluated in the first place. Everyone is different and everyone is good, but as far as my beliefs are concerned, it's okay to be good or bad. In this way, everything that can happen is allowed. All things have a wide variety of origins. These things are happening in a huge number of ways outside of our awareness, so it is difficult to grasp them all. And what evaluates them is the common sense of the individual, and it is something that has passed through the individual's unique method of expression. In other words, it is a judgment standard that does not correspond to things outside of one's own understanding. By first recognizing and understanding these things, I think things can work out in a positive way. Expressing things based on this kind of thinking is the "dialogue" approach we propose, and the path to "full fairness."

These outputs express the spirit of fairness through patchwork, which involves joining together fabrics of different shapes, colors, and textures into a single flat fabric. Therefore, patchwork is an important keyword for fair enough.

I also try to create output that gives a sense of nature in my work. Although we live with civilization and are drowning in "artificial" things, we continue to receive the blessings of nature. This element has a strong visceral appeal and is absolute peace of mind. For this reason, we are exploring warm expressions such as the "graphic asymmetrical beauty" derived from nature and the "fluctuations of nature" such as fringe processing.

As for our approach to materials, we propose possibilities for expression by choosing materials that are interesting in their own expression while being in line with the concept. By using sustainable materials, we are also taking on the challenge of raising awareness and taking measures to address environmental issues, including familiar ones such as microplastics.

These are the essential ideas that flow through all of our works. We hope that you can learn a little bit about us through this article.

Until the end Thank you for reading.


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